Go therefore and make disciples of all nations

Matthew 28:19

Communities aren’t changed by programs, but by relationships. Our strategy for missions is to build and support relationships that inspire change. We can build relationships by volunteering with our local mission partners, and we can also support relationships worldwide by giving to our global partners.

Mission Partners:
 Young LIfe - (https://eastcobb.younglife.org/)
• The Ridgeway Family - Bratislava, Slovakia
• Must Ministries – Marietta (https://www.mustministries.org/)
Storehouse Ministries - Marietta (https://noondaynet.org/resources/storehouse-ministries/)
• Camp Longridge - Ridgeway SC (https://www.camplongridge.com/)
• FCE - Foundation For Cross-Cultural Education (https://fce.org.za/)
• Door Foundation.org – Ministry in Thailand 

Active Missionaries

The Ridgeway Family - Robby, Kasia, Samuel & Jailee

Bratislava, Slovakia - Training lives to change lives

Bill McMillen

Bill is the founder of The Door Foundation, which is a ministry in Northern Thailand.

Our vision is to provide a children’s home and a widow’s home which will enable the local churches to serve the community. We will establish a Thai Foundation, that will be led by Thai Christians whose desire is to make the foundation and home a model and to be self-supporting.

We will equip the foundation with skills and tools to grow vegetables, farm animals, fish and market them, thereby becoming a self-sustainable community.
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For more information contact: Bill McMillen or Alan Daniels at info@doorfoundation.org

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